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Luni, 17 Aprilie 2017 15:26


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   We all wait with great expectation the celebration of these 52nd European Senior Championships 2017 in Kocaeli. The whole European family feels encouraged to come back to Turkey to enjoy all together the top European Karate annual event. These are our first European Senior Championships of an Olympic Karate and we all look forward to make in Kocaeli big celebrations of this historical success of our sport.
I also want to take this opportunity to recognize the work developed by the Turkish Karate Federation during so many years. It has been always an active and loyal member from the European and from the World Karate Federation and it has always made things easy inside a positive atmosphere of support and collaboration. With members like the Turkish Karate Federation it is easy to understand the outstanding progress experienced by the EKF along the years.
The allocation of this big Karate event to Turkey, to Kocaeli, is therefore something well deserved by the Turkish Karate Federation and I can say, without any doubt, that these 52nd European Senior Championships are going to be a new success of our sport in the Continent, a new success of the EKF thanks to the inestimable contribution of the Turkish Karate Federation.
Antonio Espinós
EKF President


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Sâmbătă, 15 Aprilie 2017 18:11

              PASTE  FERICIT  !


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Ministerului Tineretului şi Sportului supune dezbaterii publice proiectul Legii Tineretului PDF Imprimare Email
Miercuri, 12 Aprilie 2017 14:42


     Ministerului Tineretului şi Sportului supune dezbaterii publice proiectul  Legii Tineretului.

     Pentru eficientizarea centralizării propunerilor/observațiilor de modificare, vă rugăm să aveţi amabilitatea de a le transmite în termen de 20 zile

Grup ţintă

Toate persoanele fizice sau juridice interesate pot transmite propuneri/opinii/sugestii cu privire la proiectul de act normativ.


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The World Karate Day – A Statement for Karate! PDF Imprimare Email
Joi, 13 Aprilie 2017 20:52

The World Karate Day is to recognize the inclusion of the Karate 2020 sport in the Olympic Program in Tokyo and to promote

a permanent admission to the Olympic family.

This is celebrated with a seminar offering 14 areas with a regional, national and international top instructor team and world champions of the WKF. Whether it is for beginners or advanced, children or adults, elderly or disabled people, there is a program for everyone on this day.

Another Highlight of this day:

From a one-hour competition Germany vs. World Selection to a spectacular Kata shows and the unique performance "Stravinsky and Karate" we show all facets of our martial arts and are thus a strong sign for the application for the Olympic Games 2024.

In addition to the karate elite from Germany and the whole world, numerous high-ranking personalities from sports and politics are also expected. In addition to Dr. Thomas Bach, IOC President, Tegla Loroupe, UNHCR Ambassador and Woman of the Year in the UN, has also announced her coming.

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Be Comfortable being Uncomfortable PDF Imprimare Email
Luni, 10 Aprilie 2017 16:44
Be Comfortable being Uncomfortable 
By Ray Hughes
" For those of us who have trained many years, traditional karate has changed our lives in amazing ways.  We have learned many subtle things, even if we can't consciously recall all of them. One of those normally forgotten valuable benefits is learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable; in other words, learning to grow and be at ease outside our comfort zone.
In the martial arts we are taught not to let our mind limit our potential.   The mind tries to convince us we cannot reach exceptional goals because of intelligence, environment, bad luck, etc.  We instinctively limit ourselves and it takes years of training to begin to rise to the challenge of breaking through our self-imposed limits.   If we can accomplish this, the sky's the limit.  
To accomplish exceptional goals, we must learn to step outside of our comfort zone. Greatness requires us to be uncomfortable, but we humans resist this feeling. We don't like being uncomfortable.
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