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Luni, 10 Aprilie 2017 16:44
Be Comfortable being Uncomfortable 
By Ray Hughes
" For those of us who have trained many years, traditional karate has changed our lives in amazing ways.  We have learned many subtle things, even if we can't consciously recall all of them. One of those normally forgotten valuable benefits is learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable; in other words, learning to grow and be at ease outside our comfort zone.
In the martial arts we are taught not to let our mind limit our potential.   The mind tries to convince us we cannot reach exceptional goals because of intelligence, environment, bad luck, etc.  We instinctively limit ourselves and it takes years of training to begin to rise to the challenge of breaking through our self-imposed limits.   If we can accomplish this, the sky's the limit.  
To accomplish exceptional goals, we must learn to step outside of our comfort zone. Greatness requires us to be uncomfortable, but we humans resist this feeling. We don't like being uncomfortable.
  Most of us do not like taking risks and facing the possibility of failure, although we inherently know greatness requires it. To makes matters worse, our comfort zone shrinks as we age and unfortunately, this is why many stop growing when they reach middle age. "Click HERE to read the rest of the article 

Ray Hughes
Scottsdale Martial Arts Center

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