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Joi, 04 Mai 2017 11:44


   After being re-elected as head of the European Karate Federation, EKF and WKF President and Antonio Espinós opened the 2017 EKF Congress by underlining the decisive moment of the sport and by presenting the many challenges ahead of the ancient modality. Many important decisions were taken in the plenary session that gathered representatives coming from nearly 50 European countries. 

   “It is an important day for me, as 20 years ago I was elected president of the EKF. Presenting my candidature to these elections was not in my plans, but you have convinced me with your support to run again for the re-election,” said Mr. Espinós. 



“We had a catharsis four years ago that allowed us to come back stronger as a Federation. The last years have been impressive with so many great things happening to us; We have to take our achievements as an opportunity to continue growing and to continue accomplishing greater things in the future. We have to take our presence in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 and in the Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018 as a challenge and as an opportunity to keep on growing,” declared Mr. Espinós.

The 2017 EKF Congress also elected the new members of the Executive Committee of the organisation. In the governing body of the European Federation, Mr. Espinós will be accompanied by Urban Andersson (Sweden), Yashar Bashirov (Azerbaijan), Jiri Bocek (Czech Republic), Stjepan Celan (Croatia), Esat Delihasan (Turkey), Francis Didier (France), Michael Dinsdale (England), Slavoljub Pipper (Serbia), Yrsa Ranki (Finland) and Wolfgang Weigert (Germany). 

In addition to approving the financial reports, the Congress received the activities report of Secretary General Stjepan Celan and the presentations of the upcoming EKF events such as the 2017 WKF Youth Camp and Cup in Croatia, the 2017 European Karate Championships for Regions in Kosovo, the 2018 EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships in Russia and the 2018 EKF Senior Championships in Serbia. 

It was also agreed that due to the hectic international calendar, the Championships for Regions will be finished with the event to be held this year. The next editions of the EKF Junior & Cadet and U21 Championships and the EKF Senior Championships were also decided, giving the organising task of the under-age events to Hungary in 2020, Finland in 2021 and Kosovo in 2022, with the organisers of the 2019 edition still pending. The next editions of the Senior Championships will be held in Spain in 2019, Azerbaijan in 2020, The Netherlands in 2021, Turkey in 2022 and Serbia in 2023.




**  sursa  :--https://www.wkf.net/news-center-new/ekf-congress-celebrates-unprecedented-growth-for-european-karate/472/


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