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Duminică, 31 Martie 2019 17:20
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  The Combat Wrestling World Open Championship 2019 will be held in Bucharest, on October 19th. The location for the competition is the fighting hall within the sport high school „Mircea Eliade", at the following address: Splaiul Independenţei St., No. 315-317, Sector 6, Bucharest.

Public transportation to the venue:
Metro - PETRACHE POENARU stop (Semănătoarea)
R.A.T.B. – bus number 106 (complex Regie).
The competition is held under the auspices of the international federation and follows the open format.The organization may schedule fights for October 20th, if the number of athletes registered exceeds hall capacity to fit the event in one day.Combat Wrestling, as a contact sport is the Japanese version of the Submission Wrestling style, and it represents a major area of the Japanese culture. Ever since 1993 many prominent figures of the Japanese MMA have been competing in the annual tournaments organized by the Japanese National Combat Wrestling Association if it is to only mention sportsmen like Masakazu Imanari, Rumina Sato, Takanori Gomi or Baret Yoshida.



The International Combat Wrestling Federation is the international forum for regulating Combat Wrestling as a sport. Founded in 2014, the Federation is continuously growing globally, thus promoting the Combat Wrestling rules and principles that are geared towards take downs, pins, submissions.
Combat Wrestling competitions offer equal opportunities, irrespective of the art of grappling practiced standing or predominantly ground fighting, the rules being simple and accessible not only for those with grappling background gi/nogi or bjj, but also for those coming from kempo, fights, judo, sambo, budokai, or shuai-jiao (wushu):

Age categories:
Juvenile (girls, boys) 10-12, 13-14, 15-17
Adults: 18-35
Veterans: 36-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65 and over 65
Weight divisions:
Juvenile: depending on the weight range of the registered participants there will be organized categories gathering competitors of similar age and weight (as a ground rule the limits of a category would not exceed 2 years or 3 kilos).
Men’s adults and veterans
52, 57, 62, 68, 74, 82, 90, 100, +100
Ladies adult and veterans
48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 68, 72, 80, +80
Weight-in may be done with or without competition equipment the evening prior to the competition or at 9:00 o’clock in the morning of the competitions.
There are no scales tolerances.

All competitors will present a medical certificate for being admitted in the competition, and will complete the participation agreement, while juveniles will provide the consent of the legal guardians.

Equipment: short red or blue (depending on the corner of the contest), mulled t-shirt/ rashguard / fighting jersey, wrestling or sambo shoes. An alternative equipment is presented by Budobest Romania:
NO fight will be permitted without shoes or other versions of equipment.
Contest fee its is 60 USD. All competitors from FICW members go through national selection, then the coach presents full team list, with their online registration (https://combatwrestling.org/contact-us/, health insurance and paypal payment (paypal.me/FICW), by the end of September.
The non- members can register until middle of October. On the day of the weigh in, all competitors must present the insurance, registration, waver, signed by them and then they pass the weigh in.
Accomodation: we recommend it 2 official hotels for competitors, referees and staffs: Hotel Yesterday (yesterday.ro) and Hotel Ambiance (http://ambiance-hotel.ro) from Bucharest.
The hotels are situated on the Dambovita river side, in an area with easy access to public transportation, near the City Hall, Polytechnic University and Sema Park, 10 minutes to downtown and 3 minutes from Grovazesti metro station.
Any pickup from/to airport can be set it with hotels administrative under affordable fees together with the reservation of the rooms.
Please, make an early reservation for secure spots for the your team!!!The promo code for every reservation is: Combat Wrestling Worlds Romania.Meals: Any meal can be provided at the boarding school, for all participants (competitors, staffs or spectators) coming from all other countries or cities from Romania).Awards: The competition will award gold, silver and 2 bronze medals for each category, diplomas, and cups for country ranking.
For adults and veterans there will be organized at the end of the competition, the open of divisions -80 kilos and +80 kilos, with similar awards.
There will be live broadcasts on YouTube and on the International Federation website, official photos and podium with the competition banner. Also, there will be organized interviews and live comments with guests, competitors and officials.Organizers: A.C.S.Brave Combat ( Combat Wrestling Romania) in partnership with CS Mako Ryu Gym and Mircea Eliade College
The technical meeting will take place in the morning of the competition (9.45) and will be chaired by the chief of FICW board of referees.
External references:
Media Partner: Sport Revolution
Event Partners:
Elta 90 Medical Research
Restaurant Bar Arena-Lido di Jesolo, Italy
Hotel Arena-Lido di Jesolo, Italia
Restaurant Bar Bolivar-Lido di Jesolo, Italy
Marco Amanet Auto
Sky Fitness Nutritioncenter
One Power Fitness


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